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Greg Just is the owner of the TROPICANA CAFE in Vava’u as well as various Tongan themed websites, one of which he enjoys using to slander and get revenge on former co-owner of Invest In Tonga, LLP Trevor Jefferson, a man who Greg used to use as his real estate agent and a man who turned Greg down when he wanted to buy the investintonga website … in fact Greg used to be extremely friendly with Trevor until Trevor informed him that Nancy Parisi’s civil claimed mentioned Greg in it and that he should remove “The Balcony” ad as it was stolen property and whoever bought the business could be in for nothing but problems … rather than do that Greg went on the warpath and fashioned himself as Trevor’s enemy for no legitimate reason. He now takes joy in slandering Trevor at every opportunity while at the same time advertising various scams and even promoting Robert Bryce’s real estate website, all the while knowing that Robert Bryce has a working relationship with Trevor Jefferson, owes Mr. Jefferson tens of thousands of Pa’anga in back commission, etc. That hot Tongan sun seems to have cooked Greg Just’s brain …

Greg is currently trying to sell his cafe for the obscene price of USD $173,500 or $199,900 or $250,000 (Greg has different prices listed on different websites …. scam? Hmmm.) despite not having a real government lease on the land it occupies, having a tenancy agreement that EXPIRES in just 8 years, and the market value probably being closer to USD 25,000. He even claims that his cafe is the “ONLY internet cafe in Vava’u” which is a blatant lie as there are MANY other internet cafes in Vava’u.

Greg (Un)Just is even trying to sell his little homemade Tongan themed website for some USD $35,000 despite the value of such probably be closer to USD $1,000 tops.

Greg does not call himself a “realtor” (even though he is in fact running a real estate business) so that he can continue to slander others in Vava’u who do refer to themselves as realtors but do not have a “real estate license”, which by the way does NOT exist in Vava’u (and even in Tongatapu, such a license is little more than a paid for piece of useless paper as NONE of the realtors in Tonga are required to have any training whatsoever!). As such, Greg is basically the definition of a hypocrite.

At present Greg is accepting payments to list real estate for sale ads, including ”The Balcony” cafe which is being ILLEGALLY offered as it is stolen property (see the civil claim of Nancy Parisi on this site for more details), the Vaipua Sanctuary lots which are insanely overpriced, hot and muggy little mosquito traps, brokering the sale of his own partially leased/owned businesses, and also encouraging viewers of his website to contact him for private real estate deals as well. In other words, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck … you know the rest.


However the above is not even close to the whole story on Greg Just!

To learn more about this jealous quasi-realtor please read ALL the below links:


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If you have any comments about Greg Just or questions about his illegal actions, the Cafe Tropicana he is trying to sell, etc, please don’t hesitate to email.

9 thoughts on “Greg Just

  1. Anonymous says:

    We kiwis know Tonga is nuts but I’m sorry to hear one of our own kind is contributing to the problem. Greg Just does not represent all kiwis, he’s just one bad grape in a bunch of good ones. Good luck with your site.

    - Howard (Christchurch, NZ)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I worked for Greg Just and he is a jerk an fake! Trevor is a nice guy and never did anything bad while he was here. Greg’s just mad an jelouse. We always think that people will get what is coming to them and it happens here all the time so don’t worry, that will happen again with Greg.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw Greg Just’s website ad attacking the Jefferson’s and I read Trevor’s report and I can tell you for a fact that Trevor’s report is true. Greg has anger issues and has been out to get Trevor for a little while now. I wasn’t going to email you but when I saw Greg mention Trevor’s wife and drag her into his sick smear campaign I knew I should email you. I knew Trevor’s wife, not real well but enough to know that she was always nice to everyone and everyone liked her. I asked her for help when they lived on Mount Talau and she helped me and my family, well Trevor did too but Hilary asked him to help us and he did. She was a sweet lady and always made me feel good and happy too. I miss her and am sorry she is being smeared by Greg. He shouldn’t do that and it makes me really mad that he is. He should be ashamed of himself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to think Greg Just was a solid dude, but after reading the reports on this site and seeing his own site and the nonsense he is doing, I now know he’s scum and definitely won’t be paying him my money when I want to lease out my property!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marie, Greg Just isn’t one of the main problems in Vava’u though he is a bit of a snake. He just got jealous of Bryce and Jefferson raking in the dough on realty deals and wanted a piece of the action is all and you can’t really blame him. He tried to be partners with Jefferson from what I heard and then when all the land commission stuff started he was scared to be a real “realtor” so he started his little web-listings of property claiming to be just an advertiser but everyone knows he tries to do side deals. He speaks bad of Jefferson and others not because he has the moral high-ground but just because he’s jealous of their success and wants to push any heat off himself, so yeah, he is a snake but he’s not the main problem in Vava’u, the main problem is the corruption at just about every level there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Leave Greg Just alone, he`s not that bad! I get that he is listing a stolen property and I know he can be a jerk and all but he`s not anything like Nesha or Gordon. he might be slimy but he`s not an outright psychopath like those two.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My comment is that those people who wrote in saying “Greg Just isn’t that bad”, they were probably Greg Just himself! That guy is a bad apple! I had the displeasure of dealing with him in the past and he’s a jerk and very, very shady. I don’t know Nesha Rosic and Gordon Allison and some of the others so maybe they are worse but I do know that Greg Just is not someone I’d ever want to deal with again!